Donny Unwrapped

Hey Lovers, it’s -7 to Valentine’s Day and I am feeling really sweet today, as much as my cookies, indeed. I am wondering if you know where does the Valentine’s Day tradition come from.

Basically there was this guy, Adriano, the big boss of the Roman Empire , who imprisoned people because they were against La Famiglia of roman gods of that time. He imprisoned also Valentine, who was, listen, a priest! Can you believe we celebrate love and passion in honour of a priest? Well this is it. Anyway, Valentine was in jail and he met this blind girl and, incredible, he healed her! Unfortunately on the 14th February, the big boss opted for the capital punishment for Valentine, but he had the time to leave a brief letter for the girl. The letter was signed with “ from your Valentine”. And the tradition started…

To keep the romance rolling I designed a special T-shirt for this occasion, and you can get one simply clicking on Like either here or on my Facebook.

With love, from your Donny.

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