Donny’s back.

Maybe you were wondering where we’ve been since our last post. Or maybe you weren’t. Maybe you were visiting your grandma a lot. She made her Sunday roast. You enjoyed it. Anyway, keep on reading!

The main reason for our inactivity has been that the old website had been hacked by some Russian potato-eaters who found it funny to interfere with Donny’s online business. Unfortunately for him, Donny knows somebody that knows some people. Let’s just say that someone’s horse is missing a head and someone else found one in their bed. Capiche?


Without any further horsing around; we now have a new and improved website. We needed an upgrade anyway. Feel free to look around and give us your feedback. Don’t be too harsh; Donny knows some people that know people who know some people, you know…



2 responses to “Donny’s back.”

  1. Gerben says:

    Donny and Robbie,

    Your dutch website is still old…..

    Da Partna Gerben

    • Federico says:

      Dear Partna Gerben,

      Thanks for your feedback! will no longer be used. We are working on improving the actual website by implementing the Dutch language as well.
      As you might imagine, this will take a while since we have to process a huge amount of data. But don’t worry, we’ll get there as soon as possible.

      Thanks again and have a nice day,

      Federico – Donny Craves Community Specialist.

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