Spacecookies available now in Donny’s webshop

To ensure there wouldn’t be any Black Friday madness in my office, I’ve decided to postpone the launch of my new webshop to this week. Now, everyone can enjoy your Black Friday gadgets on your couch, while ordering your cookies online.

I have put some extra special stuff up there for the adventurous cookie monsters among you. How about a trip to space? The Limited Edition Spaced Cranberry Cookies come with a complimentary cosmic spaceflight. The ingredients are the same as in our Spiced Cranberry Cookies, but the cranberries in this cookie have been engineered by our space engineers to withstand zero gravity and the terrible effects of the ‘spacemunchies’, a condition which makes people crave for more cookies than available in the normal 12-pack.

Name day, birthday, Christmas? Or just a nice present for your BFF? I’ve put together some gift boxes for special occasions. They come loaded with cookies and a fresh T-shirt made from organic cotton. So nice and soft that it will make you want to go into fetal position. My partner Superette provides me with these Fair Ware cotton shirts printed with water-based ink to ensure sustainability.

So, come one, come all to my new webshop!

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