Trick or Treat

Today is Halloween. And if you’re like me; you’ll love those treats that are up for grabs today.

Sometimes while I am ‘Baking Bad’ in my isolated warehouse, wrapping those cookies, my mind wanders. For example that time when I was wondering how big the biggest cookie in the world would be.  Well this is another story.

So, the other day, when I was trying out some new pumpkin recipes for my halloween reunion with mia Famiglia, I suddenly asked myself why we dress up for Halloween. Why do we dress ourselves up as Creepy Slutty Nurse, or Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall?  Turns out that it is a celtic tradition that is meant to help the evil spirits leave this world and accessing the other one.

I guess we do it to have a good laugh when your nieces actually try to pull an arrow out from your head.

I am quite curious to hear why you do dress up, but most importantly I am really craving to see you dressed up. Upload your scary Halloween pictures on my facebookpage and win some free treats for you to share among friends during your HalloweenHangover next week.

If you’re not up for all this Happy Halloweening, here’s a soothing Halloween decoration video for you.

Oh, and if you’re planning on pulling some awesome prank on your friends; try not to make it seem too real. It’s just fun and treats you guys, behave a little. Djeez.

Happy Halloween!

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